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Leverage optimized tables, dashboards, automation workflows, and expert training to save hours of busy work every week.


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Our setup & optimization consulting includes processes, templates and training for SMEs, Remote Teams, Agencies, Sales Teams, Property Management, and More!

  • Lp asset team into board longer

    Maximize what Monday can do for you

    Based on our experience, we will create your ideal project workflows with building blocks, saving you hundreds per week

  • Monday screenshot 1 (aov)

    Get a 360 view of any project

    Build the perfect delivery pipeline and immediately see where your projects are hitting snags

  • Monday marketer

    Turn visitors into customers

    Create fully automated marketing campaigns. Personalize messaging. Centralize your conversations and assign them to team members

  • Views

    Your Data Your Way

    Put your pipelines into the right visual context by deploying our view templates. Use best-practice setups to quickly organize any job

  • Workload

    See who your A-players are

    Monitor your whole team's capacity and assign work accordingly. Track metrics like communication, turnaround time, and customer feedback to uncover your superstars

Case Studies: Implementation

All of our projects go through 4 phases: Process and Strategy Audit, Pipeline Mapping, Optimization and Implementation, and Automation.

  • Monday embedd anything
  • Map of object locations
  • Automations
  • Automate repetitive project set up
  • Integrations
  • Level 2 Automation Creation

    By using advanced automation tools with Monday, processes that used to take all day now are done for you, on demand, within minutes. All you need to do is watch.

  • Integrate with all your tools

    Monday can natively integrate with many tools, such as PandaDoc, Slack, Gmail, and Quickbooks. For tools that are less cooperative, we can build custom connectors. is trusted by 152,000+ companies

  • We work with the entire Suite
  • Over 85% of our clients are looking to optimize their processes
  • All plans include ongoing support

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